Welcome to You Brew Inc.

Brewing Beer is a fun and rewarding activity when it is done here at You Brew Inc. If you are a beginner looking to have someone guide you through the process, or an experienced brewer looking to take your skills to the next level, or someone who just wants to utilize our professional-grade equipment to brew a large batch in a short amount of time, our facilities are equipped to provide you with a top notch brew on premises experience.

What is Brew on Premises?

With our Brew on Premises (B.O.P.) system, you’re the brewer! You Brew Inc. allows you to brew beer using our state-of-the-art B.O.P. equipment, fermentation room and bottling system. All B.O.P. sessions include a full user friendly brew-house, ingredients, personal instruction, water, and storage of the beer in our temperature controlled fermentation chamber. and force-carbonator. After the beer has completed fermentation (usually 2 weeks depending on style), you will return to bottle or keg your beers and then take them home to enjoy! Facility rental and ingredients for a basic recipe are included in the initial price. Ingredients for premium, all grain and custom beers are an additional cost depending on the style of beer you choose to brew. We also offer other services such as custom labels and keg rentals at an additional cost. Even better is that you can enjoy all of the fun without the mess; we do all of the prep work, sanitation, and cleanup so you can focus on the brew!

Why brew at You Brew Inc?

There are many reasons people like to brew at our facility, lack of space at home to the desire for personal instruction, or just to use our state of the art equipment. But most importantly, because it’s fun! You Brew Inc. offers a professional grade nano brewing system, high quality ingredients and full instruction. We have designed a brewing system that is much more energy efficient and less wasteful than traditional home brewing equipment. Your beer will be kept at exactly the right temperature the whole time it is fermenting. When your beer has completed fermentation you can either bottle or keg condition. we also offer keg conditioned bottling. This method leaves none of that sediment on the bottom of your bottles that home brews are notorious for and every bottle has the same amount of carbonation giving you great consistency from one brew to the next.

Scheduling an Appointment to Brew on Premises

Finding the next available brewday is easy with our online calender. You will need to figure out when to schedule your appointment. You want it to be a month before you plan on enjoying your beer. All available brewdays are booked a minimum of a month in advance. Each brewing session will require about 3+ hours for the brewday and 2 hours for bottling.(some recipies will need additional visits depending on how you want to package your beer or if it requires dry hopping) There is a maximum of 3 people at a time allowed in the brewing area. Giving you the opportunity to bring a friend.

The Beer

Here at You Brew Inc. it’s all about giving you a great experience brewing your beer and to help you brew an exceptional beer every time. We have developed a Youbrew Beer Recipe book with several styles to choose from. In addition, if you want to brew a custom creation, our experienced staff can work with you to develop that special recipe you’re looking for! For specialty beers (e.g. Pumpkin Ales, Holiday Brews, Fruit beers, etc.) we will require you to bring in any additional ingredients that are not consistent with the traditional beer ingredients of barley, hops, water, and yeast. Please indicate in your booking form the specialty beer you are interested in brewing and we will call you personally to discuss any extra steps that will need to be taken to make that special brew happen.


You Brew Inc. has a flat pricing structure that we find allows you to get the most for your money with our brew on premises. We like to start every brewer off with an extract batch. The fee is $100 and covers all the costs of brewing a basic batch. For an all grain batch you pay $100 up front to reserve your brew day and an additional ingredients fee when you come in to brew. The fee is non-refundable and includes full access to our facility to make a 5 gallon batch of beer from start to finish! The ingredients for premium beers, all grain and custom recipes will be an additional cost which differs from one recipe to the next.

Important: The State of California allows you to brew up to 200 Gallons for personal consumption.

Beer brewed on premise using our facility cannot to be sold to the public.